Charlotte Sailing Center

2017 Rates

$150.00 Deposit required by 3/20/17 to reserve spot for 2017 season!

If FULL payment is received by 3/31/17 – deduct $50.00 (Mooring Rate $1000.00/Rate with Rental $1250.00)

Refer a new customer to CSC for a Seasonal Mooring and receive a $100.00 credit on your account (see Andy for additional details)

Service Price
Mooring Rate $1050
Rental Mooring Rate $1175
Step/Unstep Mast
  *Not including removal of sails, boom, tuning, bending on sails, electrical connections/disconnections
$8 per mast foot
Launching $12 per boat foot
Summer Storage (charged from June 1 — Sept 1) $14 per boat foot
Labor Rate (Min ½hr) $65 per hour
Retrieval Of Boat Of It Breaks Free $100 per hour
Diving Services
  Not including transportation to dive site. If dive is to look for mooring it is $55 plus time at $55 per hour.
$65 per dive
Mooring Inspection (diving)
  If chain needs replacing no dive fee will be assessed for 2nd dive
Look for Mooring $65 plus $65/hour
Crane Time $35 per ¼ hour